The topics that will be discussed at CrystalCon are rooted in the soils of science.


Actual science.


It is understood that, with ambassador’s representing various scientific disciplines and authors writing in different SFF genres with varying visions, that there will be opposing views.


And that’s the whole point.


However, any attempts to turn professional and courteous discourse into something resembling a vitriol social media thread is strictly prohibited and instigators of such will be removed from the event.


CrystalCon has a zero tolerance harassment policy and is committed to providing a harassment-free convention environment.



Harassment is defined for these purposes as “any behavior that intentionally annoys or alarms another person.”


This includes, but is not limited to, offensive comments, hate speech, intentional intimidation, unwanted recording or photography, unwelcome sexual attention or physical contact, stalking, or behavior that is disruptive of convention events. Any request to cease a harassing behavior is to be complied with immediately. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the convention and/or a permanent ban from CrystalCon.


If you or another party are being harassed, please contact a convention staff member immediately.