10:30am: Theatre Unbound Presents: Frankenstein Incarnate, The Passions of Mary Shelley


12:00pm:  Panel: Who Inspires Who?

12:30pm:  Author Spotlight: Linda D. Addison, Science Fiction

12:45pm:  STEM Spotlight: Dr. Peter D. Ward, Paleontology. University of Washington


1:15pm:   Panel: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

1:45pm:   Infinity Box Theatre Project Presents: Brain Trust 


3:00pm:  Author Spotlight: Lorelei Shannon, Creative Nonfiction

3:15pm:   STEM Spotlight: Dr. Cimler, Pharmacology. Senior VP Adaptive Biotechnologies

3:30pm:  Panel: Science Fiction in Technicolor: The Legacy of Octavia E. Butler 


4:00pm:  Author Spotlight: Katie Cord, Science Fiction/Horror/Dark Fantasy 

 Owner & Founder of Evil Girlfriend Media

4:15pm:   STEM Spotlight: Sally Mericle, Engineering. Triumph Aerospace Systems

4:30pm:  Panel: Science or Fiction?


5:00pm:  Author Spotlight: William F. Nolan

5:15pm:   STEM Spotlight: Dr. David M. Mills. Program Director, Infinity Box Theatre Project

5:30pm:  Panel: Primum Non Nocere


6:00pm:  Author Spotlight: Author Luna Lindsey

6:15pm:   STEM Spotlight: CEO of HiveBio Bergen R. McMurray

6:30pm:  Panel: It’s Alive! 


7:30pm - 11pm: After Party

Panel Discriptions


In Frankenstein Incarnate: What better way to kick off a weekend celebrating the women of science and fiction other than watching a live stage reading … from 1,656 miles away? #TeamScience! In Frankenstein Incarnate: The Passions of Mary Shelley, written by Senior Applications Engineer Anne Bertram, the life of young novelist overlaps and intertwines with the story that made her famous, illuminating the creator and creature within us all.


Who Inspires Who: From mechanical servants of mythology to the Greek mathematician Archytas’ Pigeon. From Dr. Victor Frankenstein to Dr. Norman Shumway. From Jerome Bixby and Otto Klement to Gavriel Iddan. A mixed panel of scientists and writer’s pose the question: Is it the writer who inspires the scientist or is it the other way around?


What Could Possibly Go Wrong:  From Dr. Frankenstein’s monster to Tufts University’s creation of robot that can defy us. Science Fiction writers’ are usually the first people to sound the alarm when it comes to the things that can go terribly wrong with well-meaning technology. Award winning author William F. Nolan and fellow writers’ discus what more, if anything, they can do to help scientist in real life proceed with caution and the times in their opinion when science went too far.


Thought Experiment: Prosthetic and Neural Enhancements: Calibration by playwright Elizabeth Heffron, examines the question of what it means to the human in light of current developments in science and technology. The play will be followed by a scientist-led conversation, where the audience will explore the questions and issues raised Calibration about the impact that prosthetics and neural enhancements may have on their lives. Present by Dr. David M. Mills. Artistic Director, Infinity Box Theatre Project.


Science Fiction in Technicolor, The Legacy of Octavia Butler: Author Linda D. Addison leads a panel of Sci-Fi writers of color to discuss how Mary Shelley may have influenced the writing of Octavia Butler and how she in turn may have inspired scores of others.


Science or Fiction: One scientist. Four science fiction writers. One lucky contestant from the audience. In this interactive, game show-like panel, several scientific scenarios will be presented, challenging panel competitors to determine if they are fact or fiction. Audience participation is highly encouraged!  


Primum non nocere: The experiments of doctors Frankenstein, Monroe, Heiter, Super soldier serum.  When science fiction writers get it wrong. Dr. B. Melina Cimler and her panelist discus the challenges that myth and misinformation causes scientific progress and the things that can be done to separate fact from fiction.


It’s Alive!: From Mary Shelley’s Prometheus Man to Martine Rothblatt’s robot, Award-winning Author and founder of CrystalCon, Crystal Connor brings all of the speakers together and asks the question: What moral obligation do we as doctors, researchers, and authors owe to the artificial beings we create? 


                                                                            But wait...there's more!


Join us  at the After Party for the unveiling of Prometheus created by Sparkle & Flourish founder exclusively for CrystalCon. Come mix and mingle  amongst the works presented by artist Jennifer Magels while listening to the sultry acoustic vocals of Sara Depp and The Night Owls.